Grant Program

Each year, children’s charities from across the state of Iowa have the opportunity to apply for grants to support program funding related to Variety’s mission of caring for children.


Grant applications are reviewed for financial stability and each organization is interviewed by a member of Variety’s Board. This ensures a great understanding of the specific request and potential impact of investments into applicant programs. Grant categories include:


Acute: Primarily hospital projects and equipment.


Camperships: Sponsors camps and social activities for children who are disadvantaged or critically ill and children suffering from an ongoing health condition or traumatic event in their lives.

Convalescent: Agencies that provide residential or other services to children who suffer from severe physical, mental or emotional afflictions.


Variety at Work: Special projects or recreational activities for special needs, critically ill, disadvantaged or at-risk children.


Preventative: Agencies that direct children to make positive choices regarding behavior and lifestyle or that seek to raise community awareness regarding the well-being of children.


Disadvantaged: Agencies that serve children who may lack social educational opportunities due to poverty, environment, race and/or other factors.

Transportation: Variety vans, trolley program and Kids on the Go! programs.


Youth at Risk: Agencies that serve children who have special needs due to physical or chemical abuse, behavioral problems, or are in need of emergency shelter.


2016 Grant Recipients

2015 Grant Recipients



Learn more about Variety's Grant Application process.