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VarietyT H E C H I L D R E N S C H A R I T Y Who We AreVARIETY the Childrens Charity was founded in 1937. Since the inception of the Telethon our charter fundraising method in 1975 Variety has raised more than 100 million to support children in Iowa. Variety is making a better future for our community by connecting people who care to programs that enable children to reach their full potential. Variety is helping create opportunities for children to fully share in the experiences of life. W H AT W E D O VARIETY provides funding to nonprofit childrens organizations for tangible items such as building expansions and renovations equipment programming needs and more. Our Kids On The Go Program provides Variety Vans to childrens organizations in addition to bikes helmets and locks to children who have never enjoyed their own bike and specialized bikes for children with special needs. All children should have the opportunity to experience a playground which is why Variety is working with Iowa communities to provide all-inclusive playgrounds for children with and without special needs. O U R V A R I E T Y M I S S I O N VARIETY the Childrens Charity is a multi-faceted organization with one simple mission To help improve the lives of underprivileged at-risk critically ill and special needs children throughout Iowa. Message from Sheri As a direct result of the generous support of our community Variety has been able to make a difference in the lives of children throughout Iowa for more than 40 years. For this we are incredibly grateful and invite you to join us as we celebrate the positive impact contributions to Variety have made and will continue to make for children in our communities. Since the inception of the Telethon in 1975Variety has raised more than 100 million which have directly impacted organizations and children in each of Iowas 99 counties through our charitable grants and special mobility programs. Our statewide Variety grants offer funding to childrens organizations for specialized equipment to provide life-saving measures for infants and children of all ages programming that helps children make positive choices and promote wellbeing and basic necessities for children who are underprivileged. Mobility is a key initiative for Variety and our Variety Vans transport hundreds of children each day. This transportation allows kids to take part in various activities experience playgrounds both traditional and inclusive and participate in outside recreational opportunities. Through our Bikes For Kids program grants are extended for bicycles helmets and locks to children who have never owned their own bike as well as specialized bikes to children with special needs. Variety opens up new experiences for children with special needs and celebrates what these incredible children CAN do We invite you to join us in sharing your gifts to provide the joy and satisfaction of helping Iowas children. On behalf of the children and families who are touched by Variety our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supports and assists Variety to achieve its amazing results. It simply wouldnt be possible without you. Sheri McMichael Executive Director 1 VARIETY The Childrens Charity Childrens organizations received needed funding Dollars distributed to 90 Iowa childrens organizations Variety Vans are transporting children to activities Bikes helmets and locks provided to children Specialized bikes custom ordered and given to children with special needs Children attended Zoo Day at Blank Park Zoo Children with special needs had Breakfast with Santa Children with special needs enjoyed a day of recreation at Varietys Back to School event Families assisted with Varietys Childrens Hospital Compassion Fund Staff Members State of Iowa Board Members Young Variety of Iowa Board Members VARIETY The Childrens Charity 2 300 3400000 185 1720 32 1025 225 400 169 5 42 11 ByThe Numbers grantsH O W V A R I E T Y H E L P S G R A N T D I S T R I B U T I O N Each year childrens charities from across the state of Iowa are invited to apply for grants to support program funding related to Varietys mission of caring for children. Grant applications are reviewed for financial stability and interviewed by Varietys board.This ensures a great understanding of the specific request and potential impact of investments into applicant programs. Grant categories include ACUTE Primarily hospital projects and equipment. CAMPERSHIPS Sponsors camps and social activities for children who are disadvantaged or critically ill and children suffering from an ongoing health condition or a traumatic event in their lives. CONVALESCENT Agencies that provide residential or other services to children who suffer from severe physical mental or emotional afflictions. VARIETY AT WORK Special projects or recreational activities for special needs critically ill disadvantaged or at-risk children. PREVENTATIVE Agencies that direct children to make positive choices regarding behavior and lifestyle or that seek to raise community awareness regarding the well-being of children. DISADVANTAGED Agencies that serve children who may lack social educational opportunities due to poverty environment race andor other factors. TRANSPORTATION Variety vans trolley and Kids on the Go programs. YOUTH AT RISK Agencies that serve children who have special needs due to physical or chemical abuse behavioral problems or are in need of emergency shelter. 3 VARIETY The Childrens Charity VARIETY The Childrens Charity 4 Kids on the GoV A R I E T Y V A N S Variety has provided more than 185 Variety Vans to childrens organizations in Iowa. These vans transport children to doctors appointments therapy sessions and special outings or activities. Our Variety Van takes kids places they didnt know existed and exposes them to a world of possibilities. Getting our kids into the community is the most effective way we can motivate and inspire them. BOYS GIRLS CLUB OF CENTRAL IOWA 5 VARIETY The Childrens Charity Kids on the GoB I K E S F O R K I D S Do you remember receiving your first bike Bikes go hand in hand with being a kid but for many children in our community the prospect of having their own bike is only a dream. Variety helps make that dream a reality by providing bikes helmets and locks to children throughout the state. The bikes directly impact a child and his or her family in many ways. Our Variety Bikes help to provide recreation and address the importance of exercise and good health. The Kids on the Go safety program illustrates the significance of wearing a helmet locking up your bike and riding cautiously. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to ride his or her own bike. We want to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to you for providing such beautiful bicycles for our two oldest children. Words cannot express how much of a blessing this is to our family. In a day where the attention of our finances is demanded in almost every direction the kids now have bikes that they can enjoy where they simply would not have had otherwise. VARIETY The Childrens Charity 6 Kids On The GoS P E C I A L I Z E D E Q U I P M E N T Bike rides zoo days trips to the park these are all staples of childhood that kids with special needs want to experience. They want to be active and mobile like other children in their communities. But the specialized equipment necessary to give these kids the independence they desire is often too expensive for many families especially those with many other expenses necessary for raising a child with special needs. And insurance isnt always the answer in many cases devices like adaptive bikes are denied despite their immense physical and therapeutic benefits. Variety helps children gain mobility confidence freedom independence and the chance to join in the life of their community by providing funding for specialized bicycles walkers wheelchairs therapeutic strollers and other devices to families with the most need. These items empower children to be physically independent and build confidence. This bicycle will enable Lucas to build motor skills muscle strength and stability in addition to keeping him healthy and active. Once again thank you all so much for choosing Lucas to receive this bike Its given him a major boost with confidence in his ability to be on the move with a bike SHEREE DANNY LUCAS MAY 7 VARIETY The Childrens Charity I N C L U S I V E P L AY G R O U N D S Variety believes that playgrounds should be thrilling for all children The majority of playgrounds throughout Iowa do not offer adaptations for children with special needs. In 2014 Variety provided the City of Des Moines with its first all-inclusive playground the Ashley Okland Star Playground in memory of Young Variety Board Member Ashley Okland. Providing a playground for children of all abilities to play together helps promote play healthy physical activity and learning for all children. Outdoor play experiences provide the perfect opportunity to support inclusive play by creating awareness breaking down barriers and fostering friendships. Based on the positive feedback and the success of the Ashley Okland Star Playground Variety recognized the need and desire for all-inclusive playgrounds in other Iowa communities. Variety has sparked a campaign in Cedar Rapids for a second Variety Star Playground and is currently exploring opportunities to expand the Star Playground concept statewide. VARIETY The Childrens Charity 8 Variety Telethon Since 1975 Iowans have joined together to contribute their time talent and hearts to the annual Variety Telethon. It is the foundation that Variety of Iowa was built upon and the highlight of the year. Annually a lineup of local national and international celebrities appear along with thousands of individual and corporate volunteers and donors who pledge their ongoing time and talents in support of Iowas children. The Telethon provides a time for Variety to spotlight the children and organizations that benefit from the dollars raised. 9 VARIETY The Childrens Charity VARIETY The Childrens Charity 10 H Y- V E E Hy-Vees involvement with Variety began in 1983 with a coupon redemption program called Cash For Kids. This started a partnership that has now generated more than 15 million for Variety and Iowas children. The generosity of Hy-Vee extends beyond corporate dollars. Dedicated store directors and employees volunteer their time and talent to Variety in many ways manning phones and soliciting pledges during Varietys annual Telethon donating food water and other items for Varietys fundraising events presenting bikes to underprivileged youth and providing support to children families and charities in every community they serve. At Hy-Vee we believe in giving back to our communities and being strong corporate citizens. Hy-Vee is proud to have a long-standing partnership with Variety and we take comfort in knowing that every dollar we raise for the organization will help create brighter futures for children across Iowa. RANDY EDEKER CHAIRMAN CEO PRESIDENT HY-VEE INC. 11 VARIETY The Childrens Charity P R I N C I PA L C H A R I T Y C L A S S I C Variety is honored to be one of the five FORE Our Kids organizations that benefits from the Principal Charity Classic. Over the past seven years the Principal Charity Classic has provided more than 850000 to Variety and Iowas children. The Principal Charity Classic chose Variety the Childrens Charity of Iowa as one of the five FORE Our Kids charities because of their ability to positively impact a broad range of children across the state. Programs supported by Variety benefit childrens hospitals youth at-risk children with disabilities and more providing support for everything from youth programs to the purchase of medical equipment. Through its broad reach Variety has helped Des Moines Champions Tour event improve the lives of hundreds of children who need it most. GREG CONRAD PCC TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR F A R E W AY Fareway has partnered with Variety since the early 1980s. Over the years Fareways employees and customers have provided more than 1.5 million in support of our mission and Iowas children. Fareway believes that all children deserve an opportunity to prosper. Variety the Childrens Charity helps provide these opportunities to underprivileged at risk and special needs children. This is why each year Fareway along with its employees and customers makes it a priority to support Variety and the families that are affected by so many challenges. It is truly a blessing to put a smile on the face of a child and know that you have given some comfort to their family. REYNOLDS W. CRAMER CEO FAREWAY STORES INC. R E Y N O L D S R E Y N O L D S Reynolds Reynolds a family owned insurance agency has proudly supported Variety for more than 40 years and generated over 3 million. Jody and I are involved with Variety because we know that the money raised gets to the kids in need. It is not eaten up in fancy offices or expense accounts. We are proud of the involvement of Reynolds Reynolds. We have raised a lot of money and had fun doing it. STANLEY J. REYNOLDS REYNOLDS REYNOLDS VARIETY The Childrens Charity 12 13 VARIETY The Childrens Charity VARIETY The Childrens Charity 14 Financials I N C O M E Foundations 5 Individuals 33 Corporations 35 Fundraising 26 Other 1 E X P E N S E S Fundraisers 24 Administration 3 Programming 73 FOUNDATIONSOTHER INDIVIDUALS CORPORATIONS FUNDRAISING PROGRAMMING FUNDRAISERS ADMINISTRATION